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Stock Exchange.

ex dividend.

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[ eks ]
/ ɛks /

verb (used with object), x-ed or x'd [ekst] /ɛkst/, x-ing or x'ing [ek-sing] /ˈɛk sɪŋ/.

to cross out or mark with or as if with an x (often followed by out): to x out an error.
to indicate choice, as on a ballot or examination (often followed by in): to x in the candidate of your choice.

Origin of x

First recorded in 1840–50
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/ (ɛks) /

noun plural x's, X's or Xs

the 24th letter and 19th consonant of the modern English alphabet
a speech sound sequence represented by this letter, in English pronounced as ks or gz or, in initial position, z, as in xylophone

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symbol for

commerce banking finance ex
maths the x- axis or a coordinate measured along the x- axis in a Cartesian coordinate system
an algebraic variable

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symbol for

Word Origin for X

(sense 6) from the form of the Greek letter khi (Χ), first letter of Khristos Christ
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