[ zen-uh-mawr-fik, zee-nuh- ]
/ ˌzɛn əˈmɔr fɪk, ˌzi nə- /


Also allotriomorphic. Petrography. noting or pertaining to a mineral grain that does not have its characteristic crystalline form but has a form impressed on it by surrounding grains; anhedral.
in an unusual form; having a strange form.

Origin of xenomorphic

First recorded in 1885–90; xeno- + -morphic

OTHER WORDS FROM xenomorphic

xen·o·mor·phi·cal·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for xenomorphic

/ (ˌzɛnəˈmɔːfɪk) /


(of a mineral constituent of an igneous rock) not having its characteristic crystal shape because of deforming pressure from adjacent minerals

Derived forms of xenomorphic

xenomorphically, adverb
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