[zen-uh-fuh n, -fon]


434?–355? b.c., Greek historian and essayist.

Related formsXen·o·phon·ti·an [zen-uh-fon-tee-uh n] /ˌzɛn əˈfɒn ti ən/, Xen·o·phon·tine [zen-uh-fon-tahyn, ‐tin] /ˌzɛn əˈfɒn taɪn, ‐tɪn/, adjective
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  • Xenophon stared after him as he went out of the gate whistling heartily.

  • Xenophon's ideal wife was a good housekeeper—like her of the Proverbs.

    The Truth About Woman

    C. Gasquoine Hartley

  • He does not defend himself, as Xenophon has defended him, by appealing to his practice of religion.



  • Socrates taught Xenophon and Plato geography, astronomy, and the use of the globes.

  • Reads like a biographical incident in some hunt of Xenophon, boy or father.



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431–?355 bc, Greek general and historian; a disciple of Socrates. He accompanied Cyrus the Younger against Artaxerxes II and, after Cyrus' death at Cunaxa (401), he led his army of 10 000 Greek soldiers to the Black Sea, an expedition described in his Anabasis. His other works include Hellenica, a history of Greece, and the Memorabilia, Apology, and Symposium, which contain recollections of Socrates
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