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[ zeer-oks ]

  1. a brand name for a copying machine for reproducing printed, written, or pictorial matter by xerography.


  1. (sometimes lowercase) a copy made on a xerographic copying machine.

verb (used with or without object)

  1. (sometimes lowercase) to print or reproduce by xerography.


/ ˈzɪərɒks /


    1. a xerographic copying process
    2. a machine employing this process
    3. a copy produced by this process


  1. to produce a copy of (a document, illustration, etc) by this process

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Example Sentences

You can also rely on companies like Brother, Lexmark, and Xerox.

That means that the common aluminum wire required for the Xerox contraption is a better, safer fit for a Naval ship.

Researchers at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center kicked around an idea called the Dynabook in 1968.

Ursula Burns stepped down from her position as the CEO of Xerox in 2016, and later turned her focus to diversifying corporate boards with the Board Diversity Action Alliance.

From Fortune

Click the large image above for the complete replay of the one-hour event, which was sponsored by Xerox and moderated by Quartz executive editor Heather Landy.

From Quartz

By 1961, when the company changed its name from Haloid to Xerox, 10,000 had been installed.

As with Xerox copier, 3-D printers have become smaller, cheaper, and more functional over time.

From the Xerox machine to 3-D printers, businesses that let people produce stuff can print money.

As was the case with the Xerox 914, the first machines Hull built to “print” plastic objects were bulky, huge, and expensive.

She was a born writer, publishing her own magazine—actually cobbled-together Xerox pages—even before her teen years.

The particular document I show you is a Xerox reproduction of the original exhibit.

They are actual xerox copies of the original targets, which are black, and do not show the markings placed around the holes.

We have prepared photostatic copies on a Xerox machine of each of those letters, and each envelope relating to that letter.

These are the Xerox copies of those cards, of those palmprint cards, that I believe you had, sir.

Yes; I have a copy which is one of the Xerox copies of the report which I wrote.