[ shin-jyahng ]


  1. Official_name Xin·jiang Uy·ghur Au·ton·o·mous Re·gion [shin, -, jyahng, , wee, -ger aw-, ton, -, uh, -m, uh, s , ree, -j, uh, n]. an autonomous region in northwestern China, bordering Tibet, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tadzhikistan, Pakistan, and India: formerly a province. 635,830 sq. mi. (1,646,800 sq. km). : Ürümqi.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of Xinjiang1

First recorded in 1965–70; from Chinese Xīnjīang “New Territory, Territories”
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Example Sentences

Global views of China tanked to historic lows last year against a backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, its heavy-handed crackdown on Hong Kong, and rising international awareness of Beijing’s campaign of repression in Xinjiang.

From Quartz

Atajurt collects and publishes video testimonies from family members of people imprisoned in China’s internment camps in Xinjiang.

It does not, but its documentation of Xinjiang’s crisis has in part been facilitated by the volunteers of the Atajurt Kazakh Human Rights Organization.

From its three factories in Xinjiang, Hoshine has produced MGS for at least eight of the world’s largest polysilicon makers, according to the company’s public statements and annual reports.

Hoshine — which has previously described its hiring of minorities in Xinjiang as responding to government calls to develop the region — did not respond to requests for comment for this report.

Last July, a group of Uighurs attacked police positions in Lukqun, a small Xinjiang city, leading to 35 deaths.

But, given the growing tension in the region, a fundamental reassessment of China's Xinjiang policy is more necessarily than ever.

And China blocked the site in an apparent effort to contain news on riots in its Xinjiang region.

Neither in Tibet nor in Xinjiang, it seems, do the authorities wish to acknowledge their mistakes.

During my recent visit to Xinjiang, Uighurs told me of unprecedented and far-reaching restrictions on the practice of Islam.





XiningXinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region