[ zif-uh-soo r-uh n ]
/ ˌzɪf əˈsʊər ən /


belonging or pertaining to the order Xiphosura, comprising the horseshoe crabs.


an arthropod of the order Xiphosura; a horseshoe crab.

Origin of xiphosuran

1830–40; < New Latin Xiphosur(a) order name (irregular < Greek xíphos sword + -oura, neuter plural of -ouros -tailed, derivative of ourá tail) + -an
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British Dictionary definitions for xiphosuran

/ (ˌzɪfəˈsjʊərən) /


any chelicerate arthropod of the subclass Xiphosura, including the horseshoe crabs and many extinct forms


of, relating to, or belonging to the subclass Xiphosura

Word Origin for xiphosuran

C19: from New Latin Xiphosura, irregularly from Greek xiphos sword + oura tail
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