[ koh-suh, -zuh, kaw- ]
/ ˈkoʊ sə, -zə, ˈkɔ- /

noun, plural Xo·sas, (especially collectively) Xo·sa.

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or Xo·sa

[ koh-suh, -zuh, kaw- ]
/ ˈkoʊ sə, -zə, ˈkɔ- /

noun, plural Xho·sas, (especially collectively) Xho·sa for 1.

a member of a Nguni people of eastern Cape Province, Republic of South Africa.
the Bantu language of the Xhosa.
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/ (ˈkɔːsə) /


plural -sa or -sas a member of a cattle-rearing Negroid people of southern Africa, living chiefly in South Africa
the language of this people, belonging to the Bantu group of the Niger-Congo family: one of the Nguni languages, closely related to Swazi and Zulu and characterized by several clicks in its sound system

Derived forms of Xhosa

Xhosan, adjective
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