1. extra small.

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Example Sentences

If all goes well, the new XS-1 should be ready for flight by 2018.

DARPA calls its new project the XS-1, for Experimental Spaceplane.

Harry was staying at the Wynn resort, and the XS club was hosting an alcohol-fuelled party for Ryan Lochte's 28th birthday.

Harry was at the XS nightclub, part of the Wynn complex, where he had earlier been enjoying the club's 'Encore' Pool party.

At the extreme end of the house is Mr. Xs library of several rooms, and at the limit of that the tea room for the tea ceremonies.

So he said "Didn't you never correspond with a girl and put some of them xs down to the bottom of your letter?"

If the Qs or the Xs were gone, it wouldn't so much matter; but there's hardly a word that hasn't at least one E in it.

Item, payed for a brekefast lost at bolling by my Lady Mary's Grace, xs.

Anne Thornton to haue xs for goeing to London to be touched for the euill.





x-ray tubex-stretcher