extra small.

X, x


noun, plural X's or Xs, x's or xs.

the 24th letter of the English alphabet, a consonant.
any spoken sound or combination of sounds represented by the letter X or x, as in xylene, box, or exact.
something having the shape of an X.
a written or printed representation of the letter X or x.
a device, as a printer's type, for reproducing the letter X or x.
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Historical Examples of xs

  • He got back yesterday—bought it off some feller up on th' XS.

    Hopalong Cassidy

    Clarence E. Mulford

  • And so far it is easy to follow his meaning: the Xs are identical with some or all the Ys.


    Carveth Read

  • Item, payed for a brekefast lost at bolling by my Lady Mary's Grace, xs.

    Ten Thousand Wonderful Things

    Edmund Fillingham King

  • So he said "Didn't you never correspond with a girl and put some of them xs down to the bottom of your letter?"

    The Real Dope

    Ring Lardner

  • If the Qs or the Xs were gone, it wouldn't so much matter; but there's hardly a word that hasn't at least one E in it.

    Phaeton Rogers

    Rossiter Johnson