[ yah-koo-zah ]
/ ˈyɑ kʊˌzɑ /

noun, plural ya·ku·za.

any of various tightly knit Japanese criminal organizations having a ritualistic, strict code of honor.
such organizations collectively.
a member of such an organization; gangster.

Origin of yakuza

1960–65; < Japanese: racketeer, gambler, good-for-nothing, useless, from the name of a game in which the worst hand is of three cards marked ya eight, ku nine (< Middle Chinese, equivalent to Chinese jiǒu), and -za three (combining form of sa(n) < Middle Chinese, equivalent to Chinese sān)
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British Dictionary definitions for yakuza

/ (jəˈkuːzə) /

noun plural -kuza

the yakuza a Japanese criminal organization involved in illegal gambling, extortion, gun-running, etc
a member of this organization

Word Origin for yakuza

C20: from Japanese ya eight + ku nine + za three, the worst hand in a game of cards
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