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  1. Elihu, 1648–1721, English colonial official, born in America: governor of Madras 1687–92; principal benefactor of the Collegiate School at Saybrook, Connecticut (now Yale University).
  2. Mount, a mountain in central Colorado, one of the Collegiate Peaks in the Sawatch Range, in the S Rocky Mountains. 14,196 feet (4,327 meters).
  3. a male given name.

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Example Sentences

In the Yale study, the saliva tests actually detected the virus more frequently — 81% of the tests came back positive in the first five days of infections, compared to 71% of nasopharyngeal tests.

From Fortune

In Yale’s new saliva study, published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine, Wyllie’s team identified 70 hospital patients whose infections had already been confirmed with the more traditional nasal swabs.

From Fortune

Preliminary work by Yale and Google in India has shown that receiving an alert doubles the chance that someone will take action to protect themselves, with about 65% of all people who receive flood warnings taking some protective steps.

From Fortune

A key component of UIUC protocol is its saliva-based test, which was developed in-house and is similar to one developed at Yale.

From Fortune

That’s what D’Onofrio was really looking for her in her study at Yale.

There was no publicity at the time about the deal he made with an old connection from his days at Yale.

The letter gave the impression that Rubenfeld had no support at Yale, but some students have quietly taken his side.

Well, the idea came from Steve Wasserman, an executive editor at Yale University Press.

Undefeated Harvard, which had three games left, including its finale with Yale, did not follow suit.

Sailed off to Stanford, then Oxford—as a Rhodes Scholar—then Yale Law.

He graduated at Yale college, and at the commencement of hostilities was appointed to the chief command of the Connecticut troops.

And how had the boys managed to stay a whole year at Yale without being asked to leave for the good of the undergraduate body?

Daniel, with a weaker hand and a better head, and with vastly more enterprise, resolved to go to Yale.

Harwood stood stoutly for his rights and privileges, and for Yale democracy, which he declared his pipe exemplified.

Then Bassett recurred to the fact, already elicited, that Harwood was a Yale man, whereupon colleges were discussed.


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