/ (jeɪt) /

  1. Australian any of several small eucalyptus trees, esp Eucalyptus cornuta, yielding a very hard timber

Origin of yate

from a native Australian language

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How to use yate in a sentence

  • yate's quick glance, in the moment of introduction, observed the book was upside down.

    Love's Usuries | Louis Creswicke
  • A torrent of hot blood seemed to burst from yate's frozen brain, as watershoots from the glaciers in summer.

    Love's Usuries | Louis Creswicke
  • "And women pet them; they'd prefer a fool who can pot rabbits and do a barn-dance to Homer himself," growled yate.

    Love's Usuries | Louis Creswicke
  • "The fact of poverty is an unpleasantness of itself," affirmed yate, extending a hearty hand to Carol's mother.

    Love's Usuries | Louis Creswicke
  • Of redd gold shines the yate; Of twenty foure faire ladyes there, The fairest is my mate.