[ yah-yoi ]
/ yɑˈyɔɪ /


of or relating to a cultural period in Japan, c300 b.c.–a.d. c300, characterized by unglazed reddish clay pottery (Yayoi ware) made on a wheel and noted for its restrained, undecorated style, haniwa figures, raised-floor dwellings, wet-rice agriculture, and the first use of bronze and iron.

Origin of Yayoi

From the Japanese word Yayoi site of a tumulus where the pottery was discovered in 1884
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Examples from the Web for yayoi

  • Before Yayoi departed she advised Matsumura to leave his home immediately, as it was about to be washed away by a great storm.

    Myths & Legends of Japan|F. Hadland (Frederick Hadland) Davis