or y·cleped

[ ee-klept ]
/ iˈklɛpt /


a past participle of clepe.

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Origin of yclept

before 1000; Middle English ycleped, Old English geclypod, past participle of clypian, cleopian to clepe


[ kleep ]
/ klip /

verb (used with object), cleped or clept (also y·cleped or y·clept ), clep·ing. Archaic.

to call; name (now chiefly in the past participle as ycleped or yclept).

Origin of clepe

before 900; Middle English clepen, Old English cleopian, variant of clipian; akin to Middle Low German kleperen to rattle

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/ (ɪˈklɛpt) obsolete /


a past participle of clepe


having the name of; called

Word Origin for yclept

Old English gecleopod, past participle of cleopian to call


/ (kliːp) /

verb clepes, cleping, cleped (kliːpt, klɛpt), clept, ycleped or yclept

(tr) archaic to call by the name of

Word Origin for clepe

Old English cleopian; related to Middle Low German kleperen to rattle

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