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  1. yes (used in affirmation or assent).
  2. indeed: Yea, and he did come.
  3. not only this but even: a good, yea, a noble man.
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  1. an affirmation; an affirmative reply or vote.
  2. a person who votes in the affirmative.
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Origin of yea1

before 900; Middle English ye, ya, Old English gēa; cognate with Dutch, German, Old Norse, Gothic ja
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sentence substitute
  1. a less common word for aye 1 (def. 1)
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  1. (sentence modifier) archaic, or literary indeed; trulyyea, though my enemies spurn me, I shall prevail
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Word Origin

Old English gēa; related to Old Frisian jē, Old Saxon, Old Norse, Old High German jā, Gothic jai
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Word Origin and History for yeas


Old English gea (West Saxon), ge (Anglian) "so, yes," from Proto-Germanic *ja-, *jai-, a word of affirmation (cf. German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish ja), from PIE *yam-, from pronomial stem *i- (see yon).

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