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yellow light


  1. a yellow traffic light, usually preceding a signal halting traffic in a particular direction.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of yellow light1

First recorded in 1970–75

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Example Sentences

From the perspective of physics, the yellow light of a candle is physically colder than the bluish light of a fluorescent bulb — but we call the yellow light warm, because we often associate it with the cozy feelings of a house in winter.

Well, if you sped up to go through a yellow light or a pink light or even a green light, and somebody makes a mistake — it can be a very bad accident.

In fact, the Instagram deal itself was a flashing yellow light.

Yet another flashing yellow light for the Romney operation is turnout.

He stops in front of a blurred circle of yellow light; by this can one faintly perceive the outlines of a building.

Before leaving him she trimmed and lowered the andon so that its yellow light would be a mere glimmer in the darkness.

In the intense clear yellow light that bathed the street Isabel could see the twisted car tracks.

A hanging lamp shed the yellow light which lends such charm to pictures of the Dutch school.

The great African moon rose into the heavens and shone her yellow light upon this group of men.


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