yellow ribbon


  1. a yellow-colored ribbon displayed as a symbol of solidarity with soldiers in combat, political hostages, etc.

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Example Sentences

Following the shock of seeing American hostages paraded in Tehran, Americans throughout the country tied yellow ribbons around trees in solidarity with the captured diplomats, service members and others.

The Glazers were new to their neighborhood, but neighbors came over quickly and stayed with her and put up yellow ribbons.

It was adorned with a small, decorative and permanent yellow ribbon.

The yellow ribbon soon proliferated across the United States and has endured in American culture as a sign of solidarity with deployed troops, among other causes.

After supper, you can watch Stagecoach or The Searchers or She Wore a Yellow Ribbon or Cheyenne Autumn.

The letters were tied with a piece of yellow ribbon, and taking hold of them by the ribbons, Mrs. Walbridge held them out to him.

The elder man noted the direction of the duke's glance, the yellow ribbon on his arm.

The severed braid, a bow of yellow ribbon at the end, now engaged the notice of its late owner.

There, in the crown of the hat was stuffed a roll of papers in a parchment wrapper bound round with yellow ribbon.

His distinctive badge consisted of a yellow ribbon round his hat.





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