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[ yel-oh-ish ]


  1. somewhat yellow; tinged with yellow; yellowy.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of yellowish1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; yellow, -ish 1

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Example Sentences

This soft, textured corduroy pillow cover comes in a yellowish-green shade that blends well with just about any decor.

The damselfish don’t want to attract unwanted attention, so they recognize each other in a kind of undercover way, and meanwhile they all display a yellowish color that blends in fairly well against the coral reef.

Don’t eat anything yellowish, wilted, or otherwise unhealthy looking, as these might also be signs of the presence of toxic chemicals.

This yellowish fluid makes up about 55 percent of our blood.

They bathe the jail’s outside environment in a yellowish color after nightfall.

It has yellowish stains and looks abandoned, but seems intact.

And then, little by little, the yellowish brown stains grew.

His dove gray waistcoat matched his jacket and Lillian decided his trousers were a hideous shade of yellowish-brown.

The skin on my face and arms took on a mottled, yellowish appearance, like an old newspaper left out in the sun.

The slightest yellowish-brown discoloration indicates the presence of lead.

When very fresh, they have a normal appearance, being yellowish discs of uniform size (normal blood).

Yellowish or brown, needle-like or rhombic crystals of hematoidin (Fig. 32) may be seen after hemorrhage into the bowel.

If it is of good size, well matured and of good yellowish color, there is necessarily but little difficulty in the operation.

The underside of the upper wings have the costa and summit covered with spots and minute incontinuous lines of a yellowish colour.


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