/ (iːˈɡɛən) /

  1. a variant of Igraine

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How to use Ygerne in a sentence

  • Garcia was edging slowly, noiselessly along the wall toward the two revolvers, his and Ygerne's.

    Wolf Breed | Jackson Gregory
  • There was one other door at the far end of the long room; he moved toward it, at all times watching Garcia and Ygerne.

    Wolf Breed | Jackson Gregory
  • Once or twice only he turned his head a little, his eyes paying no heed to Drennen but seeking Ygerne.

    Wolf Breed | Jackson Gregory
  • Together they made bandages and sought to do what they could, Ygerne fastening the knots while Drennen lifted the prone body.

    Wolf Breed | Jackson Gregory
  • Ygerne, trembling visibly now, her face white and sick, watched Drennen wordlessly.

    Wolf Breed | Jackson Gregory