noun, verb (used with or without object), yokked, yok·king. Slang.



or yuck, yock, yok, yak



a loud, hearty laugh.
a joke evoking such a laugh.

verb (used with or without object), yukked, yuk·king.

to laugh or joke: The audience really yukked it up at the movie.

Origin of yuk

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Examples from the Web for yok

Historical Examples of yok

  • What are you standing there like a yok, dreaming in the air?

    Hungry Hearts

    Anzia Yezierska

  • One is "yok," which means "there is not," and the other is "yesak," which means forbidden!

    The Secrets of a Kuttite

    Edward O. Mousley

  • "Silliman yok (not), silliman yok," he used to say fiercely when he was beginning to repent and get ashamed of himself.

  • Yok, I must explain, signifies "No" in its every variation, and is probably the most popular word in Turkish.

    Caught by the Turks

    Francis Yeats-Brown

  • Here I caught sight of my two companions, and was able to fling them a few words through the "Yok, yok" of the sentries.

    Caught by the Turks

    Francis Yeats-Brown

Word Origin and History for yok

slang, "gentile, non-Jew," pejorative, 1920, from Yiddish, a reversed and altered form of goy.


"laughter, something evoking laughs," 1964, imitative; see yuck (2).

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