[ yawrk-sheer, -sher ]


  1. Also called York, a former county in N England, now part of Humberside, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Cleveland, and Durham.
  2. one of an English breed of white hogs having erect ears.


/ -ʃə; ˈjɔːkˌʃɪə /


  1. a historic county of N England: the largest English county, formerly divided administratively into East, West, and North Ridings. In 1974 it was much reduced in size and divided into the new counties of North, West, and South Yorkshire: in 1996 the East Riding of Yorkshire was reinstated as a unitary authority and parts of the NE were returned to North Yorkshire for geographical and ceremonial purposes
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Example Sentences

Within its pages you’ll find recipes for Yorkshire pudding, blinis, an elegant potato tart, and more, along with the knowledge to cook confidently and thoughtfully with any number of primary proteins.

From Eater

For every video snippet I had of her talking and being, I had a thousand reels of our adorable Yorkshire terrier pup doing… not much.

From Time

Four-year-old border collie Whisky and nine-year-old Yorkshire terrier Vicky Nina each knew the names of around 50 objects, mostly toys.

Yorkshire terriers also enjoy mental and physical stimulation.

At just over 1 year old, relatives said he was already chasing after the family dog, a Yorkshire poodle named King, around his house in Southeast Washington.

John Robert Cocker was born on May 20, 1944, in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

I went first to see Mom and Dad in Yorkshire, then to Court Green.

Yorkshire native West portrays Jonathan Blake, a real-life member of the LGSM.

The identity formed 300 years ago is changing like the gears of the bicycles that left from Yorkshire.

These grim inventions served Yorkshire well for nearly two centuries.

In the afternoon my friend and I walked to Knaresborough, one of the old Yorkshire towns about three miles distant.

Here we saw many types of the Yorkshire man, famed for his shrewdness and fondness for what we would call "dickering."

As Richmond is thePg 193 center of one of the best farming districts in Yorkshire, its market day was no doubt a typical one.

The day had been a magnificent one, enabling us to see the Yorkshire country at its best.

These are only a few of the many places which might be seen to advantage if one could give at least a week to Yorkshire.





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