you know

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You are aware, you see, do you remember, as in She's very lonely, you know, so do go and visit , or You know, this exhibit ends tomorrow , or You know that black dog our neighbors had? She was run over a year ago . This phrase is also quite often a conversational filler, equivalent to “um” and occasionally repeated over and over (as in It's a fine day for, you know, the beach, and, you know, we could leave now ); this usage is more oral than written, and many consider it deplorable. [Late 1500s]

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Example Sentences

Because that minimum-wage hike was a project of the federal government, and that means that you-know-who was for it.

Meanwhile, they have devastated mental-health funding since you-know-who became president.

The advantage of being the side that isn't lying out its you-know-what is completely nullified.

It's aimed at seniors to make them think the black president is taking their Medicare money and spending it on the you-know-whats.

This is exactly when and how these quadrennial Democratic cluster-you-know-whats start.

It was especially pleasant to watch this reserved lady-like bird, after the flippant tell-all-you-know little gnat.

The fact is my secretary, Anicetus-you know who I mean-did not pack up any of my compositions for me to take away with me.

"I say, don't-you-know, I say;" but Charling had flung herself face down on the turf and took no notice.

I have just sent you off this telegram: Is You-know-who at Plattsburg, and why?

S-s-say,” he said, “d-d-do y-you know ha-ha-how late this train is?


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you just don't get ityou know something?