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[yuhnz, yoo-uh nz]
pronoun Nonstandard.
  1. you (used in direct address usually to two or more persons).
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Usage note

See you.
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Examples from the Web for you-uns

Historical Examples of you-uns

  • "I dunno what you-uns means," she said, slowly, her voice falling.

    Frank Merriwell Down South

    Burt L. Standish

  • You-uns can't fool us, an' we ain't got time ter waste with ye.

  • An' you-uns war hangin' 'em on s'picion, 'thout lettin' me know?

  • You-uns all agreed ter ther second draw, an' that lets them off.

  • "I know what you-uns is thinkin' of," declared the young moonshiner.