[ yuhnz, yoo-uhnz ]

pronounNonstandard: Midland U.S.
  1. you (used in direct address usually to two or more persons).

Origin of you-uns

First recorded in 1805–10 in the spelling youns;you + -uns reduced form of ones

usage note For you-uns

See you.

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How to use you-uns in a sentence

  • What I think so curious is the double-barrelled pronouns themselves, 'you-uns' and 'we-uns.'

    The Ordeal | Charles Egbert Craddock
  • War it you-uns ez I hearn say thar war word kem ter the cross-roads 'bout some revenuers raidin' 'round somewhar in the woods?

  • F I see him a-tantalizin you-uns again, hen mell have de gretes bustification we ever did habnow, I tell yo, honeys.

    The Corner House Girls | Grace Brooks Hill
  • "That's whar you-uns must hide ter-day," said Kate, motioning toward the mill.

    Frank Merriwell Down South | Burt L. Standish
  • you-uns ain't goin' ter move that rock so easy, fer it's hefty.

    Frank Merriwell Down South | Burt L. Standish