young thing


  1. a young person.
  2. a young animal.

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Example Sentences

“You’re almost made to feel like you’re past it in an industry that prizes bright young things and you feel like you’re competing with women half your age, which is horrible as I want to support younger women, not compete with them,” said Austin.

From Digiday

It was delightful to be so avidly courted by so many keenly interested young things.

Women want a hot, young thing to parade around on their arm, too.

Needless to say, I was a precocious young thing and wanted to be Britney Spears after seeing that video for the first time.

When I was a wee young thing of 14, a friend of mine had a huge crush on a boy we knew.

Am I suggesting we give Big Dogs carte blanche to run wild, bedding every pretty young thing who catches their eye?

Her experiences as a scared young thing in the city cast the limitations of her religious upbringing in sharp relief.

She was very well dressed, evidently a well-guarded young thing from one of the summer colonies.

Margaret knelt in a soft flop of scented lingerie beside the indignant young thing.

And then, "O Leonard, is it possible that little young thing can love you as I do!"

"Well, she's a clever young thing," said the senior, still thoughtful.

It was a very young thing in the poor youth to make her executrix.





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