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[ yoorz, yawrz, yohrz ]


  1. (a form of the possessive case of you used as a predicate adjective):

    Which cup is yours? Is she a friend of yours?

  2. that which belongs to you:

    Yours was the first face I recognized.


/ jʊəz; jɔːz /


  1. something or someone belonging to or associated in some way with you

    I've eaten yours

  2. your family

    greetings to you and yours

  3. used in conventional closing phrases at the end of a letter

    yours faithfully

    yours sincerely

  4. of yours
    of yours belonging to or associated with you
  5. what's yours? humorous.
    what's yours? what would you like to drink?

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Word History and Origins

Origin of yours1

1250–1300; Middle English, equivalent to your + -s, as in his

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Example Sentences

The more resources and education society becomes equipped with, the fewer stories like yours will surface.

But each of the recordings listed below deserves yours closest attention.

After reading Ever Yours, if nothing else, one can start to understand how such a fanatic mind could produce such fanatic art.

I read that the series Hello Ladies came from a stand-up show of yours.

To learn more about 6SensorLabs or preorder yours, head to 6sensorlabs.

Whatever you do, don't write a word to that Carr friend of yours; he's as sharp as a two-edged sword.

“A hopeful family yours, Mr. Trotter,” said Perker, sealing a letter which he had just finished writing.

I shall soon depart, and practise no more; and my time will become my own—still my own, by no means yours.

I've got a writ here, Baptiste, and will be glad to have you tell me where this stuff of yours is so I can go and get it.

So you have lost that frozen heart of yours at last, and after such boasting, too!


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