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[ yooz; unstressed yuhz, yiz ]


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How to use yous in a sentence

  • "yous is de one dat was runnin' acrost de road wid a rope," said she.

    Motor Matt's "Century" Run | Stanley R. Matthews
  • Subsequently to that time his people gave him a new name, which was Yon-na-yous-ta, or How like an Indian.

  • An when yous want a nickel or two, let me know, he said with manly tenderness.

    In Wild Rose Time | Amanda M. Douglas
  • And here is the 'wee grass,' as she calls it, where 'yous can take your tay' under the Japanese umbrella left by the last tenant.

    Penelope's Irish Experiences | Kate Douglas Wiggin
  • On'y if yous mean ter stick on 'ere a bit you'll find comin' back a bit 'ard, onced yous see Billabong.

    Back To Billabong | Mary Grant Bruce

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/ (juːz) /

  1. not standard refers to more than one person including the person or persons addressed but not including the speaker: yous have all had it now; I'm fed up with yous

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