1. Alexander,1792–1828, Greek patriot and revolutionary leader.
  2. his brotherDe·me·tri·os [dih-mee-tree-uh s; Greek th ee-mee-tree-aws] /dɪˈmi tri əs; Greek ðiˈmi tri ɔs/, 1793–1832, Greek patriot and revolutionary leader.
  3. a city in SE Michigan, W of Detroit.
Also Yp·si·lan·tis, Yp·se·lan·tes [Greek ee-psee-lahn-dees] /Greek ˌi psiˈlɑn dis/ (for defs 1, 2).
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Hypsilantis or Hypsilantes

  1. Alexander (ˌalekˈsander). 1792–1828, Greek patriot, who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Turks (1821)
  2. his brother, Demetrios (ðimitriˈɔs). 1793–1832, Greek revolutionary leader; commander in chief of Greek forces (1828–30) during the war of independence
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