[ yool ]

  1. Christmas, or the Christmas season.

  2. an ancient Germanic pagan holiday centering around the winter solstice, now sometimes celebrated by neopagans.

Origin of Yule

First recorded before 900; Middle English yole, Old English geōl, geol(a) “Christmas day, Christmastide”; cognate with Old Norse jōl, the name of the pagan winter feast lasting 12 days, later applied to Christmas; akin to Gothic jiuleis
  • Also yule .

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British Dictionary definitions for yule


/ (juːl) /

  1. (sometimes capital) literary, archaic, or dialect

    • Christmas, the Christmas season, or Christmas festivities

    • (in combination): yuletide

Origin of yule

Old English geōla, originally a name of a pagan feast lasting 12 days; related to Old Norse jōl, Swedish jul, Gothic jiuleis

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