[ yuhm-ee ]
/ ˈyʌm i /

adjective, yum·mi·er, yum·mi·est.

very pleasing to the senses, especially to the taste; delicious: The waiter brought out a tray of yummy desserts.
extremely attractive or appealing.

noun, plural yum·mies.

an item of food that is particularly delicious: The bakery window was full of yummies.
anything that is extremely attractive or appealing.

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Origin of yummy

First recorded in 1925–30; yum + -y1
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British Dictionary definitions for yummy

/ (ˈjʌmɪ) slang /


Also: yum-yum an exclamation indicating pleasure or delight, as in anticipation of delicious food

adjective -mier or -miest

delicious, delightful, or attractive

Word Origin for yummy

C20: from yum-yum, of imitative origin
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