[ zah-buhl-yoh-nee; Italian dzah-bah-lyaw-ne ]
/ 藢z蓱 b蓹l藞yo蕣 ni; Italian 藢dz蓱 b蓱藞ly蓴 n蓻 /
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noun Italian Cooking.
a foamy, custardlike mixture of egg yolks, sugar, and Marsala wine, usually served hot or chilled as a dessert.
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Also za路ba路io路ne, za路ba路jo路ne [zah-buh-yoh-nee; Italian dzah-bah-yaw-ne]. /藢z蓱 b蓹藞yo蕣 ni; Italian 藢dz蓱 b蓱藞y蓴 n蓻/.
Also called sabayon.

Origin of zabaglione

1895鈥1900; <Italian, variant of zabaione, perhaps <Late Latin sabai(a) an Illyrian drink + Italian -one augmentative suffix

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How to use zabaglione in a sentence

  • The very melodies of Verdi and Rossini are inextricably twined in our minds around memories of ravioli and zabaglione.

    The Merry-Go-Round|Carl Van Vechten

British Dictionary definitions for zabaglione

/ (藢z忙b蓹藞lj蓹蕣n瑟) /

a light foamy dessert made of egg yolks, sugar, and marsala, whipped together and served warm in a glass

Word Origin for zabaglione

Italian; probably related to Late Latin sabaia Illyrian drink made from grain
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