[ zah-puh-tee-ah-doh; Spanish thah-pah-te-ah-th aw, sah- ]
/ ˌzɑ pə tiˈɑ doʊ; Spanish ˌθɑ pɑ tɛˈɑ ðɔ, ˌsɑ- /

noun, plural za·pa·te·a·dos [zah-puh-tee-ah-dohz; Spanish thah-pah-te-ah-th aws, sah-] /ˌzɑ pə tiˈɑ doʊz; Spanish ˌθɑ pɑ tɛˈɑ ðɔs, ˌsɑ-/.

a Spanish dance for a solo performer, marked by rhythmic tapping of the heels.

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Origin of zapateado

1885–90; < Spanish: clog or shoe dance, noun use of past participle of zapatear to strike with the shoe, tap, derivative of zapato shoe. See sabot, -ade1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for zapateado

  • The most elaborate piece was one meant to accompany a dance called the Zapateado, or "kick-dance."

    Spanish Vistas|George Parsons Lathrop

British Dictionary definitions for zapateado


/ Spanish (θapateˈaðo) /

noun plural -dos (-ðos)

a Spanish dance with stamping and very fast footwork

Word Origin for zapateado

from zapatear to tap with the shoe, from zapato shoe

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