[ zap-uh-tek, zah-puh-; Spanish sah-paw-tek ]
/ ˈzæp əˌtɛk, ˈzɑ pə-; Spanish ˌsɑ pɔˈtɛk /
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noun, plural Za·po·tecs, (especially collectively) Za·po·tec for 1.

a member of an American Indian people living in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.
the Oto-Manguean language of the Zapotecs, consisting of a number of highly divergent dialects.


Archaeology. of or relating to a Mesoamerican Indian civilization of the Oaxaca region of Mexico c600 b.c. to a.d. 1000, characterized by a bar-and-dot system of enumeration, a calendar of Mayan derivation, ball courts, and underground frescoed tombs.



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Origin of Zapotec

<Mexican Spanish zapoteco<Nahuatl tzapotēcah, plural of tzapotēcatl person from Tzapotlān (tzapo(tl) sapodilla + -tēcatl suffix of personal nouns, -tlān locative suffix)
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British Dictionary definitions for Zapotec

/ (ˈzɑːpəˌtɛk) /


Also: Zapotecan (ˌzæpəʊˈtɛkən, ˌzɑː-) plural -tecs or -tec any member of a large tribe of central American Indians inhabiting S Mexico, esp the Mexican state of Oaxaca
the group of languages spoken by this people


Also: Zapotecan of or relating to this people or their language

Word Origin for Zapotec

from Spanish Zapoteca, from Nahuatl Tzapoteca, literally: people of the land of the sapodillas, from tzapotl sapodilla
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