[ zemst-voh; Russian zyem-stvuh ]
/ ˈzɛmst voʊ; Russian ˈzyɛm stvə /

noun, plural zem·stvos [zemst-vohz] /ˈzɛmst voʊz/. Russian History.

one of a system of elected local assemblies established in 1864 by Alexander II to replace the authority of the nobles in administering local affairs after the abolition of serfdom: became the core of the liberal movement from 1905 to 1917.

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Origin of zemstvo

1860–65; < Russian zémstvo, derivative of zemlyá land, earth; see humus
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/ (ˈzɛmstvəʊ, Russian ˈzjɛmstvə) /

noun plural -stvos

(in tsarist Russia) an elective provincial or district council established in most provinces of Russia by Alexander II in 1864 as part of his reform policy

Word Origin for zemstvo

C19: from Russian, from zemlya land; related to Latin humus earth, Greek khamai on the ground
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