[ zef-uh-ran-theez ]
/ ˌzɛf əˈræn θiz /
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any of various bulbous plants belonging to the genus Zephyranthes, of the amaryllis family, as Z. grandiflora, having showy rose or pink flowers.



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Also called fairy lily, rain lily, zephyr lily .

Origin of zephyranthes

<New Latin <Greek zéphyr(os) zephyr + -anthēs having flowers of the given kind, derivative of ánthos flower
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  • In illustration of this may be cited the examples of the well known Crocus and also of Zephyranthes.

  • Habranthuses are now included with the Hippeastrums and Zephyranthes.

    The Book of Bulbs|Samuel Arnott
  • These Zephyranthes like a turfy loam with a little sand and well decayed manure or peat.

    The Book of Bulbs|Samuel Arnott
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