[ zhoo-kuh f ]
/ ˈʒu kəf /


Ge·or·gi Kon·stan·ti·no·vich [gyi-awr-gyee kuh n-stuhn-tyee-nuh-vyich] /gyɪˈɔr gyi kən stʌnˈtyi nə vyɪtʃ/, 1896–1974, Russian marshal.
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Examples from the Web for zhukov

  • The little bald old man, General Zhukov's cook, the one whose cap had been burnt, walked in.

  • She's found out that Zhukov's tobacco costs two rubles, while Faler's is only one ruble ninety kopeks a pound.

    A Family of Noblemen|Mikhal Saltykov
  • There in the broad street they met the little old man who was General Zhukov's cook.

British Dictionary definitions for zhukov

/ (Russian ˈʒukəf) /


Georgi Konstantinovich (ɡɪˈɔrɡij kənstanˈtinəvitʃ). 1896–1974, Soviet marshal. In World War II, he led the offensives that broke the sieges of Stalingrad and Leningrad (1942–43) and later captured Warsaw and Berlin; minister of defence (1955–57)
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