[ zee-gler; German tsee-gluhr ]


  1. Karl [kahrl, kah, r, l], 1897–1973, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1963.

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Example Sentences

Asked by Kelly if she saw a legal door opening Ziegler affirmed that she did.

He told Ziegler he had been warned by someone in Russia “not to show his face around Moscow for a while,” the professor recalled in an interview with The Post.

Ziegler noted that part of the reason former wine cooler brands did so well was because they “were some of the cheapest things you could buy to drink.”

Ziegler now lives with her family on a dead-end street in southwest Baltimore.

Abled actors’ performances, including Ziegler’s, tend to focus on portraying the appearance of disability more than the person.

From Time

Then Ziegler tosses the buff LaBeouf around like a rag doll.

Twelve-year-old dance prodigy Maddie Ziegler has suffered the wrath of Dance Moms tyrant Abby Lee Miller.

Ziegler is an interesting and verbally passionate character.

In a separate blog post, Ziegler calls Bissinger “a disgrace to journalism and humanity.”

But Ziegler claims that McQueary may have misremembered the incident in the 10 years that passed before he gave testimony.

Ziegler denies that this was the sense of Virchows remarks, but his own report of Virchows speech only confirms it.

The Ziegler plans are at present in the Arvanian Embassy, but they will be smuggled out of the country soon.

And the threatening Ziegler plans waited somewhere near at hand for him to find and take!

One of the party, James Ziegler, he said, was drowned while trying to get to the top of the building.

Add to Ziegler's sign: slightly opening and closing the hands.





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