[ zahy-uhn ]
/ ˈzaɪ ən /
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a hill in Jerusalem, on which the Temple was built (used to symbolize the city itself, especially as a religious or spiritual center).
the Jewish people.
Palestine as the Jewish homeland and symbol of Judaism.
heaven as the final gathering place of true believers.
a city in NE Illinois.
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Also Sion (for defs. 1-4).

Origin of Zion

before 1000; <Hebrew sīyyōn; replacing Middle English, Old English Sion<Late Latin (Vulgate) Siōn<Greek (Septuagint) Seiṓn<Hebrew, as above
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/ (ˈzaɪən) /

the hill on which the city of Jerusalem stands
  1. the ancient Israelites of the Bible
  2. the modern Jewish nation
  3. Israel as the national home of the Jewish people
Christianity heaven regarded as the city of God and the final abode of his elect
any form of social organization, way of life, or life after death regarded as an ultimate goal
  1. a religious community or its site, regarded as chosen by God and under his special protection
  2. an ideal theocratic community, esp any of the Christian Churches regarded as such a community
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