[ zi-pawr-uh, -pohr-uh, zip-er-uh ]

  1. the daughter of Jethro and the wife of Moses. Exodus 2:21.

Origin of Zipporah

From Hebrew Ṣipporāh, possibly “sparrow ”
  • Also Douay Bible, Se·phor·a [si-fawr-uh, -fohr-uh] /sɪˈfɔr ə, -ˈfoʊr ə/ .

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How to use Zipporah in a sentence

  • They had taken some offence respecting Zipporah, his wife, who is called the Ethiopian woman.

  • It may be noticed, here, that the unworthy manner in which Zipporah performed the rite, did not make it invalid.

    Bertha and Her Baptism | Nehemiah Adams
  • In some way, not apparent to us, this illness was connected by Zipporah with the fact that her son had not been circumcised.

    Bible Studies | Joseph M. Wheeler
  • Moses accepted the home offered him, and in time married Zipporah, one of Jethro's daughters.

    The Adopted Son | J. H. Willard
  • The present contention began about Zipporah, but it ended in Moses himself.