1. variant of zoo- before a vowel: zooid.

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How to use zo- in a sentence

  • The consul remembered General Adlerkreutz's "zo-o," and wondered.

  • And here du be the last day, zo it be, and t' Squoire's daughter, her ain't found.

    Happy Days | Alan Alexander Milne
  • The pages over which Zo pondered in endless perplexity were crumpled by weary fingers, and stained by frequent tears.

    Heart and Science | Wilkie Collins
  • Zo looked up from her plate, and agreed with her father, in one emphatic word, "Jolly!"

    Heart and Science | Wilkie Collins
  • After her father, Ovid was the one other person in the world who held a place in Zo's odd little heart.

    Heart and Science | Wilkie Collins

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zho or dzo

/ (zəʊ) /

nounplural zos, zhos, dzos, zo, zho or dzo
  1. a Tibetan breed of cattle, developed by crossing the yak with common cattle

Origin of zo

C20: from Tibetan

British Dictionary definitions for zo- (2 of 2)


combining form
  1. a variant (before a vowel) of zoo-

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