or Zo·ë

[ zoh-ee, zoh ]


  1. a female given name: from a Greek word meaning “life.”

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Example Sentences

“I am still nursing Zoe and cannot imagine her not being with me,” she said.

She structures her training days ahead of this summer’s Tokyo Olympics so that she can breastfeed her 4-month-old daughter, Zoe, around her morning run, her massage, her weight-training session and her afternoon run.

As best as she can recall, she has managed to avoid being away from Zoe for more than three hours at any time.

How Marina and the crew handle that decision teases out a number of predictable moral questions, but also flirts with some mild romantic ones—particularly the fact that Zoe might be developing a crush on the new guy.

From Time

Together, these will help Zoe’s body develop breasts, reduce hair growth and have an overall more female shape.

Three weeks ago 24-year-old Zoe Sugg published her first novel, Girl Online, a YA romance.

A talented, well-liked artist like Zoe Keating makes about $6,000 for being streamed over 400,000 times.

Zoe Saldana has also recently praised sci-fi movies for the depth and breadth of women in its ensembles.

Zoe enjoys being able to share her stories with her friends and classmates.

Victoria and Zoe Yin, who hail from Boston, were both deemed child prodigies at young ages.

Now there was a damsel both young and fair, whose name was Maria, 138 and she was the daughter of the brother to Queen Zoe.

Zoe never had a brother, so the relationship, at all events, is inaccurate.

The latter was accepted as the son of Zoe and became Emperor together with her in 1041.

Zoe crept forward, and Grimalkin, rearing up his tabby length, rubbed his whiskers vigorously against her cheek.

Zoe stood there longer, for although she hated and feared the fire, yet it was less strange to her than to her mate.





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