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noun, plural zo·o·chlo·rel·lae [zoh-uh-kluh-rel-ee] /ˌzoʊ ə kləˈrɛl i/, zo·o·chlo·rel·las.
  1. any of various symbiotic green algae in the cytoplasm of certain freshwater invertebrates, as stentors and hydras.
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Historical Examples

  • They may be colorless, or yellow and green through the presence of Zoochlorella.

    Marine Protozoa from Woods Hole

    Gary N. Calkins

  • Diameter 25 to 80µ; pseudopodia twice as long as the body diameter; the plasm often contains chlorophyll bodies (Zoochlorella).

  • The plasm is colorless or green by the presence of Zoochlorella, or colored brown or black by pigments.

  • Colorless forms of medium size-in some cases they may be green by Zoochlorella.