[ tsook-kah-ree ]
/ ˈtsuk kɑ ri /


Fe·de·ri·co [fe-de-ree-kaw] /ˌfɛ dɛˈri kɔ/, 1543?–1609, and his brother Tad·de·o [tahd-de-aw] /tɑdˈdɛ ɔ/, 1529–66, Italian painters.
Also Zuc·ca·ro [tsook-kah-raw] /ˈtsuk kɑ rɔ/, Zuc·che·ro [tsook-ke-raw] /ˈtsuk kɛ rɔ/.
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Examples from the Web for zuccari

  • It seemed that the banker Zuccari frequently visited that hotel, and on every occasion the man Hauser came to Zurich to see him.

    The Golden Face|William Le Queux
  • Three days later Zuccari left the Cavour and traveled to the frontier, little dreaming that he was being so closely followed.

    The Golden Face|William Le Queux
  • Frescoes of the school of Zuccari, representing games in the Circus Maximus, etc.

    Rambles in Rome|S. Russell Forbes
  • Zuccari is always with the Marchesa,” I said one morning as we sat together at déjeuner at Salerno.

    The Golden Face|William Le Queux