/ ˈzuːmə /


  1. ZumaJacob1942MSouth AfricanPOLITICS: statesman Jacob ( Gidleyihlekisa ). Born 1942; Black South African statesman: Deputy President of South Africa (1999–2005); President of the African National Congress from 2007; President of South Africa from 2009

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Example Sentences

After the doctors had prepared Mandela's body, President Jacob Zuma arrived, as did a group of soldiers to pick the body.

The South African president, Jacob Zuma, was repeatedly and loudly booed by a significant portion of the crowd.

Somehow, though, Jacob Zuma has acquired the means to build himself a multi-dwelling compound.

When Jacob Zuma came to Robben Island as a prisoner, he had only four years of education but determination.

President Jacob Zuma failed in at least two attempts to get Gaddafi to agree to a ceasefire, but at least he has visited.

At Booss, the travellers receive a visit from "the noted widow Zuma."

Zuma proved again the perfect knowledge of men that Hannibal possessed and his influence over the troops.

The widow Zuma is a very good-looking, elderly person of matronly appearance.

If Hannibal was vanquished at Zuma, it was because genius cannot accomplish the impossible.

What was their astonishment the next day to receive a visit from the widow Zuma!