[ zahy-guh-dak-til, zig-uh- ]
/ ˌzaɪ gəˈdæk tɪl, ˌzɪg ə- /


Also zy·go·dac·ty·lous. (of a bird) having the toes of each foot arranged in pairs, with two toes in front and two behind.


a zygodactyl bird.

Origin of zygodactyl

First recorded in 1825–35; zygo- + -dactyl

Related forms

zy·go·dac·tyl·ism, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for zygodactyl


/ (ˌzaɪɡəʊˈdæktɪl, ˌzɪɡə-) /

adjective Also: zygodactylous

(of the feet of certain birds) having the first and fourth toes directed backwards and the second and third forwards


a zygodactyl birdCompare heterodactyl

Derived Forms

zygodactylism, noun
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