[ zahy-mur-jee ]
/ ˈzaɪ mɜr dʒi /


the branch of applied chemistry dealing with fermentation, as in winemaking, brewing, the preparation of yeast, etc.

Origin of zymurgy

1865–70; zym- + -urgy
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British Dictionary definitions for zymurgy


/ (ˈzaɪmɜːdʒɪ) /


the branch of chemistry concerned with fermentation processes in brewing, etc
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Word Origin and History for zymurgy



branch of chemistry which deals with wine-making and brewing, 1868, from Greek zymo-, comb. form of zyme "a leaven" (from PIE root *yeue-; see juice) + -ourgia "a working," from ergon "work" (see urge (v.)).

The last word in many standard English dictionaries (and this one); but in the OED [2nd ed.] the last word is zyxt, an obsolete Kentish form of the second person singular of see (v.).

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