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cockatoo vs. cockatiel

cockatoo vs. cockatiel: What's the difference?

Cockatiel refers to a type of cockatoo. A cockatoo is a large, noisy, crested parrot from the Australasia region, often kept as a pet. Cockatiels are the smallest species in the family, distinguished by their orange cheeks, and are often contrasted with other, larger cockatoos.

[ kok-uh-too, kok-uh-too ]
  1. any of numerous large, noisy, crested parrots of the genera Cacatua, Callocephalon, Calyptorhynchus, etc., of the Australasian region, having chiefly white plumage tinged with yellow, pink, or red: popular as a pet.
  2. Australian.
    1. a person who owns and works a small farm or ranch.
    2. a lookout posted by criminals or the operators of illegal gambling games.
[ kok-uh-teel ]
  1. a small, crested, long-tailed Australian parrot, Nymphicus hollandicus, often kept as a pet.

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