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egomaniac vs. narcissist

[ ee-goh-mey-nee-ak, eg-oh- ]
  1. someone who displays egomania, a tendency to refer to oneself excessively and boastfully:Academic research appears to be a rat race of high-strung egomaniacs fighting over grant money, recognition, and their scientific legacies.
  2. someone who displays excessive selfishness and self-centeredness:Many have claimed that social media will turn us all into narcissists, egomaniacs, and internet addicts.
[ nahr-suh-sist ]
  1. a person who is overly self-involved, and often vain and selfish.
  2. a person who has narcissistic personality disorder.
  3. a person who experiences or exhibits narcissism, deriving erotic gratification from admiration of their own physical or mental attributes.

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