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freeway vs. highway

freeway vs. highway: What’s the difference?

A highway is a major roadway, especially one that goes between towns or cities. The word freeway is used in some places to mean the same thing as highway, but it is also used in more specific ways to refer to a toll-free highway or to an expressway—an express highway with few or no intersections and often with divisions between different directions of traffic.

[ free-wey ]
  1. an express highway with no intersections, usually having traffic routed on and off by means of a cloverleaf.
  2. a toll-free highway.
[ hahy-wey ]
  1. a main road, especially one between towns or cities: the highway between Los Angeles and Seattle.
  2. any public road or waterway.
  3. any main or ordinary route, track, or course.

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