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motel vs. hotel

motel vs. hotel: What’s the difference?

Motels are a kind of hotel. The word motel (from a blend of motor and hotel) typically implies a roadside hotel in which the doors of the rooms can be entered from outside. In contrast, hotel rooms are typically entered from inside the building. Motels are often less expensive and have fewer accommodations than hotels.

[ moh-tel ]
  1. a hotel providing travelers with lodging and free parking facilities, typically a roadside hotel having rooms adjacent to an outside parking area or an urban hotel offering parking within the building.
[ hoh-tel ]
  1. a commercial establishment offering lodging to travelers and sometimes to permanent residents, and often having restaurants, meeting rooms, stores, etc., that are available to the general public.
  2. a word used in communications to represent the letter H.
  3. the NATO name for a class of nuclear-powered Soviet submarines armed with single-warhead ballistic missiles: in service with the Soviet Navy 1959–91.

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