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nuthatch vs. chickadee

nuthatch vs. chickadee: What's the difference?

Nuthatches and chickadees are different birds. The nuthatch is a bird in the family Sittidae that is known for walking on trees upside down and has a short tail and longer beak. The chickadee is a bird in the genus Parrus, known for its call that is similar to its name, that has a longer tail and shorter bill than the nuthatch.

[ nuht-hach ]
  1. any of numerous small, short-tailed, sharp-beaked birds of the family Sittidae that creep on trees and feed on small nuts and insects.
[ chik-uh-dee ]
  1. any of several North American birds of the genus Parus, of the titmouse family, especially P. atricapillus(black-capped chickadee ), having the throat and top of the head black.

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