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osteoblast vs. osteoclast

osteoblast vs. osteoclast: What’s the difference?

Healthy living bones are constantly being dissolved and replaced with new tissue, which helps them stay strong. An osteoclast is a specialized bone cell that absorbs and dissolves old bone, allowing for new bone to be added. Osteoclasts are then converted into osteoblasts, which form new bone to fill in the cavities. As new bone grows and hardens, osteoblasts become embedded in the bone and develop into mature bone cells known as osteocytes.

[ os-tee-uh-blast ]
  1. a bone-forming cell.
[ os-tee-uh-klast ]
  1. one of the large multinuclear cells in growing bone concerned with the absorption of osseous tissue, as in the formation of canals.
  2. an instrument for effecting osteoclasis.

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